Translucent and Opaque colours

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Translucent and Opaque colours

High Gloss sheets in Translucent Colours diffuses and tints natural light as it passes through their attractively coloured, shiny surfaces. These properties make them suitable for signage, furniture, tradeshow booths, store fittings, lighting and barrel vaults.

High Gloss sheets in Opaque colours do not allow light to pass through while retaining the other characteristics of high gloss cast acrylic sheets, including an attractively shiny surface, making them appropriate for a number of uses in which light transmission is undesirable.

Available Thickness : From 2mm up to 6mm
Available Size : 1220mm x 1830mm, 1220mm x 2440mm & 2050mm x 3050mm
Available Masking Type : Paper masking and Film masking
Available Colour for translucent colour : A a wide spectrum of striking colours including red, yellow, green, blue, violet and many more
Available Colour for opaque colour : Many beautiful colours including red, ivory, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet, brown, black and many more


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